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National traditions of Morocco. Habits, mentality and the way of living Morocco is an African state which displays much of the European cultural characteristics than any other of her fellow continental neighbors. This greatly facilitates and improves the tourists stay in the country. There is however also a traditional way of life in Morocco which should be followed by everyone who comes into the country. Observance of Moroccan etiquette demonstrates respect for the local people.  A knowledge of the peculiarities of their mentality helps to reveal the somewhat unfamiliar Moroccan culture. The main feature of the residents of Morocco is their hospitality. Moroccans are a sincere people and are always delighted to meet guests. They are always ready to treat visitors to a warm reception and shower them with affection.  Please note, it is not accepted to go on a visit in Morocco with empty hands. Thus, presenting a small gift or basket of fruits can serve as a way of saying thank you for an invitation received. During a meal, a large dish of couscous – wheat porridge with meat and vegetables, is placed in the middle of the table.  A Friday meal of couscous in the family circle…

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